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  • $30,000
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  • $31,551
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Thank you for checking out our Raise the Roof Haiti Team page.  We are a group of mainly high school kids and a few family members who are raising money to build a primary school in Haiti.  We feel like if everyone gives a little,  it will add up to a lot, and we will reach our goal.  And more importantly, the children, parents and grandparents in Haiti who don't have access to a basic education, will have a school!!  And that is amazing and possible with a little help from each one of us.  Our collective giving will enable people in Haiti to get an education for generations to come.  It will also allow them to have more options for their futures and to be able to break the cycle of poverty.

In the words of Anne Frank, "How wonderful it is that nobody wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  

You can help us by donating to Raise the Roof Haiti.  If you like, you can choose to support an individual team member.  And please, please help us spread the word.  Share this with your family and friends and let us reach an ever widening circle of supporters!!!

With Gratitude,

The Raise the Roof Team